Monday, April 11, 2016

Adjusting the Attitude to Adhere to the Economic Reality of Being a Home Owner. Frugality a Must

I'm having a Garfield kind of Monday morning. Grrrmmmph. Coffee is enjoyable, but it costs money, too. I've been thinking that I need to pull back on my normal cheapness to be even more cheap to make up for the IRS invasion of this year's taxes and the new washer (which was purchased yesterday). Nothing's really free, but I will make a list of things that are "best" that don't cost me very much.

10. Walking the dog,
9. Going for a run,
8. Doodling,
7. Getting a book from the "free" public library,
6. Meandering through memories of yesteryear,
5. Digging dirt and rearranging the lawn,
4. Talking with friends,
3. Napping (I think I've taken 4 naps in my life),
2. People watching,
1. Listening to music (that was purchases when the Government didn't clean my clock)

Actually, when I was an undergraduate, I once said that I never wanted to lose the sense of having no money and being present in the moment before items owned us: houses, cars, jobs, etc. Of course, now I'm owned by those worlds and wondering, "Yuck. When did I lose myself?"

I guess I will just have to eat out less and stop buying silly toys for everyone. If I do that for a year, I will feel I'm back to even.

And, I realize that my contributions to the government will allow others to have things for food for their children and public education, both which are more important than the slurping of my bank account by the Feds.

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