Sunday, April 3, 2016

I'm Okay With the Loss. I Have UNC Going All the Way, Anyway. Have Been A Fan of Brice Johnson For a While

I took this photo four years ago when I sat with Brice's parents at Mohegan Sun near New London. It was the tournament between Fairfield, UNC, Louisville, and I forget the 4th team a few years ago. Watching him then, I knew he was going to have a successful career and I've continued to follow him this year. When the Tarheels began showing their strength offensively and defensively late in the season, I said to myself, "It will be them or Virginia."

Somehow Syracuse made it into the tournament and had a run, even defeating Virgina (phew). I didn't anticipate them to go as far as they did, and I was ready for another upset, but there was too much height and power from the UNC team. The officiating was also against Syracuse, but the better team definitely won. Syracuse did decently, but they didn't slay a Goliath.

Now I am looking forward to Monday night because the Villanova/UNC matchup should be pretty phenomenal.

But first, there's another Syracuse game to watch. Go, Orange Women!

In the meantime, the goal for this cold, blustery, and wet Sunday is grading and a cheeseburger. Hopefully the snow will bypass us quickly, but only time will tell.

And with that, Congrats! Cuse had a great run. 

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