Thursday, April 21, 2016

When All the Pieces Begin To Come Together, The Celebrations at the End of a Semester Are Greatest

All semester, students in my ED 329 class have been doing service learning in a K-8 school in Bridgeport. The rewards gained from tutoring young people in small groups far surpasses the instruction I provide to them when we're on campus. Last week, I through them a monkey wrench and told them I wanted them to visually reflect on their philosophy in a puzzle piece I gave each of them.

They mumbled. They groaned. They got excited. They worried.

But as I told them, there's no wrong answer. And the answers came in.

I will likely post again next week when the entire project comes together (we have a goal of Wednesday and I plan to work in my office a lot this weekend). I am anxious for the final product that results.

The stress trains are on the track to drive all of us in education to pull out our hair at this time of year, but the occasional burst of creativity energizes us all.

And so does Empire. I'm still excited about last night's craziness. Man, mom. It's like Days of Our Lives. Now when does Little Red Riding Hood get together with Dorothy?

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