Friday, April 29, 2016

Shouting Out To Mr. King, Community Partner for Service Learning 2016 and Fantastic Teacher of ESL Youth

Earlier this semester, I nominated William King for his outstanding dedication to ESL students in Bridgeport and his willingness to partner with my graduate course on Developmental Reading in Secondary Schools. I met Mr. King when he took my EN 411 Writing in the Secondary School course and I immediately grew fond of his originality, voice, and dedication to youth who are often marginalized by the American system.

A year and a half later, I hired William to co-instruct Ubuntu Academy with Jessica Baldizon and since then he has partnered with me to enhance literacies of immigrant and refugee youth at his school. He's been a tremendous supporter of the reading, writing, and thinking achievement of young people from Equador, Nicaragua, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya and Mexico. He puts in the day to day support in his high school classroom and serves the multiple needs that relocated youth bring to instruction in the Western world. It is a blending of history, research, personal relationships and a desire to do what is right across national boundaries.

Mr. King was selected to receive the Outstanding Community Partnership award for his tireless hours he's spent dedicated to bringing resources and opportunities into his classroom.

When the news came I was excited (sometimes, the recognition does go to the most deserving). Celebrating his achievement this week has been a highlight of the semester (and is a great way to kick off the weekend ahead).

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