Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Yes, I'm Graying, but the Passion Remains the Same. Celebrate Kids and Applaud Their Writing Acheivements

Photos from last Friday's Poetry For Peace event were posted online yesterday. There were several of my colleagues and I presenting on stage, but I appreciated this one the most. As the young people signed in for the event and I handed each a copy of their published book, I pointed to the ISBN number on the back and said, "Your wisdom for peace and poetry is now registered in the Library of Congress. I bet the President, himself, is reading your words right now."

This, of course, is because of the foresight and publishing knowledge of Carol Ann Davis, who I've also works with for the Newtown Poetry Project. 

Over a hundred kids attended this year's celebration during MLK Celebration at Fairfield University and I'm very pleased/proud/hyped/happy by the great work of the poets and those involved with the project at Fairfield University.

On this day, I simply get to go to the event and act like I'm some sort of celebrity.

I simply give out certificates and throw funds behind the vision of Carol Davis and Elizabeth Boquet. CWP-Fairfield helps notify schools the event is taking place and we throw a few dollars to help out the efforts. The enormous leg work, however, is done by the students arranged by the English department and the instruction of classroom teachers. I just get to go on stage for a few moments and make people laugh.

The true hits are always the kids. Having each of them stand at the MIC to recite their poems is inspirational, motivating, and precious. They are very proud (as they should be) and so are the families they bring.

I am grateful for the photographer, too, who captured moments of every reader in a way that totally grabs the essence of the night. This community work is what I love most. Receiving links to the photos yesterday totally put a smile on my face.

Both Beth and I felt like we were handing out Academy Awards. I need to be grateful to the wonderful work I'm allowed to do.

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