Sunday, February 14, 2016

Allowing a Two-Hour Break From Marathon Writing To Enjoy Frigid Air and Men's NCAA Volleyball at Sacred Heart

It hurts outside. It wasn't so bad when the winds were calm, but when they began to blow it was painful. I'm glad I walked Glamis at 8 a.m., because it was downhill from there - a great day to be paralyzed by grant writing and a mission to get the job done.

The goal was to pick up Ubuntu kids, feed them pizza, and then head to the game with my buddy Leo. But, as stories write themselves, I was behind-the-schedule for writing and the Ubuntu kids messed up the date. As a result, I had another unexpected two hours to write, so I went to the Penn State vs. Sacred Heart game without having to drive a group of kids home in the frigid air. Rather, Leo and I drove ourselves.

There is nothing better than watching tremendous athletes battle on the court for sovereignty. At first, we didn't think Sacred Heart was going to put up a fight, but in three games they did. They lost in four (actually handed over the last one).

Today is a day for love and I am loving the fact that tomorrow is President's Day and I have another day for grading and prepping for the week. I also need to check the weather channel to learn when this cold is going to snap. I don't mind winter, but when it's this cold, it simply is painful. Bring on summer...although there's not college sports to watch, at least I can walk around in a pair of shorts and flip flops.

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