Sunday, February 7, 2016

I Was Warned At 30, The Body Starts To Ache. I'm Almost Mid-40 and Ouch. All I Did Was Shovel. Please.

The unexpected snow storm meant a day at home and revving up the snowblower for another round of Snoopy's Sno-Cone Machine. It was a heavy, wet snow, so Chitunga and I also had to shove. Now, he's the type of kid who is always looking out for others and he looked at the homes of our neighbors, an old Polish couple, a social recluse and pack rat, and a mother whose husband was out of town and said, "I think we should help them out, too."

So, we did. It was a good workout and I knew I wasn't going to get a run in...I tried to walk, but it was icy and Glamis and I didn't get very far.

That's when I awoke on Saturday with a pain in my hip and new throbbing in my lower back. "This is new," I thought to myself, but I stretched and went for six miles anyway. The run was fine, but sitting on my arse all day reading and writing, caused my hip, back and knees to lock in place.

OUCH. and UGH.

I cannot imagine what my dad goes through in his 70s, especially since he doesn't want to be worked on. I mean, if this is what it feels like in my 40s, I can only imagine what it is like in another 30 years. I'm not looking forward to that.

Ah, but this morning begins with Run For Refugees in New Haven, so I'd better limber up, stretch, and get ready for 3.2 miles up and down hills. It's a great cause and I love it, but this year I'm feeling rather dilapidated.

Everything just hurts.

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