Thursday, February 25, 2016

When You Don't Have Much Left In You, You Simply Go With the Flow and Hope to Rejuvenate Soon

I left my house yesterday at 7 a.m. and returned home at 9 p.m. I then wrote for a little while and organized for my 7 a.m. departure this morning. Glamis, on the other hand, loves my hardwood floors for playing hockey with the Elk antlers I bought her (which she's slowly chewing down little by little).

On my way home yesterday, I stopped to meet colleagues in celebration of birthdays and had a Whiskey Root, a combination of ginger, mint, lemon, bitters, and whiskey. Um, that was delicious. Ridiculously delicious (and I just noticed how wonderful it is to put 'ridiculously delicious' side by side).

I'm heading off to Joel Barlow for the 2nd day of portfolio scoring. As much as I don't want to commit to this work each year, I leave rejuvenated and hopeful that our nation will return to excellence by allowing teachers to do what is best again. The portfolio process is superb and - they recognize they can resist mandates because they're successful - I wish it could be replicated everywhere. It simply reminds me of Kentucky...but it's only one school. All students and teachers should be a part of this.

And as for El Nino, 60 degrees and rain is good for April. It's still February and you're making me nervous. With you, Trump, and students throwing ghetto parties on a $58,000 a year campus, I'm getting a little nervous. I'm usually not illuminati, but the universe is making me a little nervous.

Get a grip, Planet Earth. Recenter. 

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