Monday, February 15, 2016

A Tired Dog Is a Good Dog. I Need To Get Astro's Dog Walker from the Jetson's Cartoon

Ah, Glamis. On this day, Windex did the windows proud.
No nose smudges and smears.
This is a photograph from a few weeks ago. When I am not at home, Glamis resides in the window watching people and traffic slide on by.

Yesterday, though, she didn't get off the couch. Actually, we walked in the morning (-3 degrees was not a good time to walk), then we traveled to Monroe for an Italian dinner, pre-Birthday beverages and gifts, and play time for Glamis with Jake and Mae. They played for 5 straight hours and when we got him, she jumped on the couch and totally zonked out.

I'm not used to being in my house without her on top of me licking my skin wherever it is exposed. It's sort of nice having her out of her crate and calm. It's not that she's hyper - it's just that she is excessively loving. She can't love enough in a given day. I'm usually her Valentine everyday, but yesterday she saved her love for Pam's dogs.

And today, Monday, I'm two bottles of whiskey richer, one bottle of wine prouder, and two Moscow Mule mugs better. There seems to be a theme with my friends. Apparently, they want to get me drunk.

I knew the festivities were occurring so I actually took most of the day off. I wrote from 6 a.m. - noon, and then 7 p.m. to midnight, but the noon-6:59 period I promised myself a break. Actually, from noon to 1 I cleaned the floors and mopped. The house smells like Pine Sol again.

But for today, it's President's Day. I await the financial officer of Fairfield to hit okay on two grants (due Wednesday) and then I can press the submit button. The grant-writing part of my life totally distracts me from the other forms of writing I need to be doing.

Yet the rhythm is what I know.

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