Saturday, February 6, 2016

Note To Self: When Looking For A Photo of A Dead Bird, Be Careful What You Ask For. But I Have A Point.

I'm not sure how I feel about Jurich's decision. The news of the NCAA investigation and Katina Powell scandal at the University of Louisville made him forbid the Cards to have post-season play in the tournament. I believe in ethics, though, and if they know something went down, then there needs to be repercussions.

Something went down and, sadly, the wrong Cards have to pay.

Obviously, the trust in Andre McGee was a mistake, but there is blame on anyone who would hire such an idiot and allow him to bring prostitutes to recruits (although I like that it rhymes). For that, I fault Jurich and Pitino, and all administrators at the University. They should pay.

Ah, but I also blame the young men at the parties for tolerating the objectification as they did. If boys were raised to be men, they'd be taught to live a life with integrity. Integrity means that the idea of women throwing themselves at you, stripping, and doing sexual services as an occupation is rather seedy, if not vulgar and skanky. The young men involved are at fault, too. Bigger than the scandal is the fact that there's obviously a market for women like Powell in the appetite (stupidity) of college athletes.

To all of them I ask, "What were you thinking?"

It is a sad day for Cards fans. I've been loyal since middle school --- the day I flew with Peter Caroli to Kentucky to see a game at Freedom Hall. I remember getting my first U of L sweatshirt and feeling so proud. I have two Masters degrees from Louisville and being a basketball fan was very much a part of my experience while there. I've watched underdog teams become powerhouses and powerhouses at the epicenter of every other team's revenge. As controversial as Pitino's always been, I believe he is a phenomenal coach. Hearing him discuss his players in the press conference, I believe, is demonstrative of the real man he is (or he is an exceptional actor who also coaches)

I do think Pitino was somewhat in the dark about McGee's poor leadership and that he truly is hurting from the news (perhaps, because it was finally exposed and he hoped it never would be). I wonder though, "This garbage happened in your house. You had to know. For that you are at fault, too."

This year's team loses the most, however. After the UNC game this past week, I knew the team had something unique going for them. I've grown to love the players. They are athletes who were not around during the time that Powell and her underaged daughters 'made a living' from dollars received from McGee.

It's a sad, sad day, though, for those of us who are Cards fans. I hear people blaming this person or shaming the stripper/escorts/call girls/whistle blowers (probably not just whistles). But I blame everyone...parents of the recruits who didn't raise their sons better, players on the team who didn't do what was best for their fellow men, peers in the dorms who participated in such cheesiness, everyone...what the hell were they thinking? They're so dumb. And now they've embarrassed the game, the city, the University, and themselves.

All of this for a few horny thrills in the heat of a party. Idiots. Bottom line. Idiots.

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