Friday, February 19, 2016

It's Just Like I Always Thought. It's All In The Socks. There Needn't Be Any Other Debate. Socks. Socks Tell It All.

My mother wrote to me yesterday to share a story from the reliable news-source of, let me find it here, The article, "People Who Wear Crazy Socks Are Smart, Successful, and Revolutionary," explains how bright, sometimes obnoxious socks - the more outrageous the better - are indicators for innovative minds, independent thinkers, and playful personalities.

Now, a good follow up would be an extension about ties that match because they, too, are the few items a man gets to wear to declare to the world, "I see your conventions and rules, but let me be a little outside those confines and constraints."

The argument is that those who wear unconventional socks are more willing to take chances and to find alternative way of accomplishing goals when others say they are impossible.

I scratch my head and say, "Hmmm. How did my mom know I was wearing my orange and blue Syracuse socks underneath my suit clothes and professional attire."  Yes, it is a strategy I employ - when I have to put on the academic facade I always go for more flavorful attire underneath.

Friday's post is a simple. This article knows what it is talking about. I wonder what socks I'll put on today. 

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