Wednesday, February 17, 2016

And the Day After My Birthday, I Am Gifting Myself a Night of Syracuse/Louisville Basketball. It Doesn't Matter Who Wins.

I knew yesterday was going to be rough trying to keep up with my agenda (which didn't necessarily have time for a birthday in the middle of it all). I got home last night and tried to catch up on Facebook - man, who would have thought that one day there'd be a social outlet for so much love, connectivity, and memory. I am tremendously grateful for everyone (including my dog who hates when I type in the morning and who just shoved her tongue in my mouth).

Yuck. Now I am tasking Alpo.

I told Chitunga that it's good to have a dog, because she could care less that I turned 44 and to her, it was just another day for a walk, squatting on the grass, bringing me her ball, and whining when I wasn't giving her the attention that SHE deserved. I said, "She's 1 in dog years, so just a 7 year old. Why does she care that it's my birthday?"

It was a strange birthday as birthdays go. I never did see Chitunga as I was gone before he was up and I was asleep before he came home. Besides my sister, Casey, I didn't connect with anyone via the phone either (well, besides Alisha who called to share her great PH.D program acceptance letter).

I spent a large portion of the night reading the Facebook posts and responding to texts. I also received two cards in the mail, so it did feel like a birthday. I ate a salad and drank a beer. Then I read a book about W.E.B. Dubois and was inspired. That man is a true American hero. There's much, much more work to be done, especially helping young people to find their gifts, as he proposed.

But tonight, the 17th, it's all about basketball for me. I may order a pizza and throw out an invitation to any or all who might like to join me. I know my Louisville family will be watching, and so will my Syracuse one. Both programs have been screwed over in the last year and that is why I'm rooting for them both (Well, actually if the accusations against U of L via Mr. McGee are true, then they deserve all that is coming to them. There is so much wrong with the Katina Powell scandal; many are at fault. It shouldn't be this year's team that pays, however).

It doesn't matter who wins tonight. It matters that both teams continue to play.

So, I am beginning a post-birthday Wednesday with appreciation for all who thought of me yesterday. I guess it is a good thing that I didn't know about all of the LOVE until I got home last last night. If I looked during the day, I would have been overwhelmed.

Today, an a.m. class, a few more meetings, followed by the "Send" button for two more grants before I say,  "It's basketball time." Should anyone call this evening, I will be more responsive. Promise. Unless the bourbon kicks in. Then I will just be relaxed with a gentle, much-needed smile.

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