Monday, February 29, 2016

And With Thanks To My Brother-In-Law, My Dog Is Still Searching For a Squeaky Toy In Every Corner Of My House.

And just like that Mike Isgar awakens a sleeping dog and gets her super excited to find a toy that doesn't exist in our house. How did he do this? He FaceTimed with one of his dog's squeaky toy. 

Just like that, a dog finally at rest is rejuvenated and in total pursuit for a toy that is not present. Every time a squeaky toy has been in the house, she's pulled the squeaker out immediately. Now she is a neurotic mess thinking that Chitunga and I have hidden a prize from her.

Of course, this followed a day of puppy play and she was good and tired for an evening of relaxation. Nope. The squeak happened. Everything else is history (or a pain in the ass, depending how you look at it).

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