Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Throwback to Snow Days As a Kid. Sometimes I Will Never Understand Decision Makers and Their Decisions

Friday's storm came without warning. It was a nice bonus. Fairfield University stayed open. Today's storm had warning and administrators across Connecticut sent kids to school knowing they would send them home before lunch. Of course, this is when the worst of the storm was predicted.

I will never understand the stupidity of that.

The weather wasn't that bad except the time when school buses were sent to return home. It makes no sense.

Of course, Fairfield University unleashed faculty at 2 p.m., too. The drive home was moderately slow, but it was rather typical for any day in Connecticut along the corridor.

I'm sure the kids were thrilled to be home in the afternoon - the parents a little more disgruntled about making arrangements for the kids. I, for one, would never want the pressure of 'making the call' but sometimes I wonder what weather decision makers are watching. A foot falls and everything's open. An inch and everything closes (right when the snow is falling heaviest). It just seems that wiser decisions could be made now that technology has caught up with weather systems.

Maybe not.

Either way, it is beautiful and I don't mind shoveling. It's exercise. It does, however, put a damper in the week when everything needs to be rearranged.

Can't complain. It's the northeast and I love. it.

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