Monday, November 28, 2016

You'd Think I'd Learn That I'm Not a Griswold.

Glamis, Getting Ready for Her Holiday Show 
Pacing myself in November is a bit tricky because of conferences, teaching, and these holiday events. I promised myself that if I caught up on Fairfield work, and diligently wrote for my Literacy Research Association presentation on Wednesday, that I'd award myself with two things: a run and putting up lights.

I did run, but I didn't begin the lighting event until 9:30 p.m. - as always, strands are dead, the ones that work don't fit the windows appropriately, and throughout the year, I stole all the tacks I used to hold them up last year, so I had to scrounge drawers to replace the hanging apparatuses this year. An hour in: tangled lights, blinking lights (when I want them solid), and different light hues about killed me. I grew frustrated and had to sit down and rethink strategy. All in all, I only got the bay window and side window ready.

For some reason, all the light strands that work are the ones that stretch across three rooms (and those are better for the back porch, front patio, and fences). I thought Chitunga and I would find time to do those outside today, but we only managed to bag the leaves we raked up over the last few weeks.

After a day of geeking out academically, I though the light ritual would bring me serenity and calm before heading to sleep. Nope. They brought me a pulsating headache. Glamis doesn't mind, however.  For her, it's the return of her Broadway Musical and Christmas where she can entertain all the passing cars and onlooking neighbors with kick-lines, show tunes, and holiday melodies.

You'd think I'd learn every year not to add the celebratory rituals to the busy conference season, but it does provide calm and something less cerebral...when everything calms down, however, I will love sitting in my living room singing the twelve days of Christmas.

Fa la la la la la la la la.

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