Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gobble Gobble Gobble. Make Your Feast As Special As You Can and Enjoy the Day.

It's a new holiday for Mt. Pleasant and this Crandall character - Thanksgiving. Normally, I play this holiday low key and use it to catch up from one conference, prepare for another, and think ahead to the rest of the semester.

This year, however, I'm bringing a reunion together between my father, Butch, and his brother, Milford, in Stratford, Connecticut. I'm also going to get my cousin and his daughters into town, too.

But the turkey? It's a first for me and this morning I need to take it out of the brine it's been soaking in, and move forth to what the next steps for the day will be. As a distraction last night, I make scallops and shrimp with pasta (whoops, are we supposed to eat that good the night before a mashed potatoes and gravy?). Also had time to sit with Chitunga, watch Rush Hour, and think a little ahead about his role peeling the potatoes.

The parents, however, crashed early. I think the drive from yesterday caught up with them. They lasted longer than Glamis, however, who crashed around eight after a day of not being able to nape and then playing with Jake and Mae when they visited.

Now, it's time to get up form the coffee and begin the soiree of the next few hours. I don't know about turkey comas, however. No time for that.

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