Saturday, November 26, 2016

Phew. One More Round of Conference Presentations. Still Feeling Like a Turkey.

It's fun to entertain. You simply inhale, and know that the hours are a non-stop prayer that everything works out well, the food is good, everyone is comfortable, no one is TOO stressed, fist fights subside, the dogs play well, there's enough food, no one offends anyone else, and everyone is simply thrilled to be in presence of the other.

This Thanksgiving season makes me thankful.

My parental units came from Syracuse and reunited with their generation of family from Long Island. My father, Butch, got to spend time with his brother, Milford. The two Sue Crandalls got to reunite, too. Meanwhile, my cousin Mark and I got to get Nez and Zola together with Chitunga, while spending time with our parents, together, in the same house. I wish that Casey and Cynde were with us, too, but we can't have it all.

Wyatt and Glamis loved playing tug-o-war with Glamis's chewed stuffed animals, and it made me happy to see Butch eating apple pie for breakfast, Aunt Sue eating an extra helping of stuffing the day after, and Nezzi loving the fruit tray my mother said, "Are you sure you want that? It's kind of pricey."

Meanwhile, Tunga came from one job (on his birthday) to get a quick meal (which he loved - leftovers rocked) and my parents, who took off early, made it home safely (and in record time). The Long Island crew went with me on a tour of campus and we actually got some shopping done at TJ Maxx and Burlington's. Guess what? My father's expression for shopping is exactly the same as Uncle Milford's! They're not meant for crowds or normal, everyday experiences.

Mark simply winked at me and I got it.

Truthfully, though, how wonderful was the last 24 hours where family reunited (albeit not everyone) in southern Connecticut. It's a lot of work, and I now have total appreciation for all the progenitors before me who have hosted, housed, and accommodated many simply to bring various portions of family together. It is a hard, but worthwhile endeavor.

As I write, Glamis is still sleeping (where she's been since 4 pm when I began grading) and I still haven't gone for leftovers for dinner (and it's almost 10 pm). Tunga, the birthday boy, is working both jobs (only had a slight moment to high five, replace a break light, and give him a few gifts), and I'm simply ready for bed as soon as I can find a moment to say, "Crandall, you caught up some."

Hilarious. Tomorrow, we must get the house ready for winter and think about putting up the holiday lights! It's all good. I am hoping for more than six hours sleep. It will be the first in over a month!

Oh, snap. I need to prepare for Nashville on Tuesday.

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