Monday, November 7, 2016

Dog Sitting. The Neighbors Said To Me, "You're Lucky They're Not Human Beings." They Are Raising Little Ones

I've been dog sitting for a colleague this week while she's in Michigan with family and working through the challenges that life often presents to us. It was the least I could do to show my support and appreciation for the human being that she is.

Many have tried to convince me that I should have two dogs, a playmate for Glamis, and it would be so much easier if she had an everyday playmate.

This is true. Unless I'm talking on the phone, Glamis and her friend, Scout, are totally independent doing what dogs naturally do: wrestling, pulling toys out of each others mouths, eating each others dog food, contributing to the same hole to be dug in the back yard (if we both take part, he won't know which one of us did - um, I saw both of them collaborating together), and craving attention.

When I settle in my chair to work, I now have two fuzzballs jumping in my lap, licking my face, and placing paws on my keyboard.

The neighbors saw me double fisted and walking the dogs yesterday and they asked, "Did you get another?" in which I responded, "No." I did acknowledge that the two run through the house playing almost every second of the day and it's nice not to be noticed unless I'm on the phone. They were quick with reply, "Oh, I wish our kids were this way. You're lucky they're just dogs."

Then Daylight Savings Night, Saturday, I finally gave in and let the two mongrels in my room because they were whining high pitch shrills outside my bedroom door. Normally, Glamis is okay sleeping downstairs. Exhausted, I opened the door and they ran into the room. At first, it was WWE wrestling on the hardwood floors until I finally yelled, "Get on the bed. Enough with the nails."

They jumped up quickly.

Then, it was an evening of who could push in closest to me, kidnapping my pillows and hogging the blankets while claws dug deep in my skin in resistance. I tried to kick them off the bed, but they weren't having it.

I see the benefits of having two, but I'm unsure I could handle it - they prank each other, tease each other, whine at eat other, bark at each other, and play so enthusiastically that I'm afraid for my belongings. The mud, the dog hair, and the nose prints on windows - well, that come with the territory, too.

They're damn cute, though...when they're resting.

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