Sunday, November 27, 2016

Celebrating the 21st with a Tree Lighting Ceremony and Spur of the Moment Fun

Saturday was a shifting Thanksgiving fiesta, yard pick up, total gutter wash down (wet leaves smell horrible, as does the soot underneath), putting away summer tables and chairs, bringing out the snowblower, shifting the lawnmower to the shed, etc. and getting out the Christmas decorations. We decided to do a spur-of-the-moment birthday gathering at my house to finish left overs, which also inspired us to put up the tree.

We saved Chitunga's first ornament for last and had a special moment before he hung last year's gift on the tree. The smile is genuine.

Leo, Bev, Kaitlyn, Pam, Patrick and Stephanie came over with cake for Chitunga and he was able to blow out the tea-light candle in the Buddha statue (it's all we had) to make it an official birthday.

We also had a mad UNO tournament, where instead of Draw Two cards, there were DARE cards that made people sing, dance, bark, and meow. I never knew the game could get that competitive.

Jake and Mae came, too, to entertain Glamis and the play simply wiped her out...actually, it wiped all of us out. Ah, but today is Sunday (not a fun day) as I need to work miracles on the work front and accomplish a lot in a very short time. I can't complain, though. Gatherings such as last night (and the Thanksgiving feast of Thursday) are what it is all about.

There's nothing like the lights of a tree to warm up a house. And I still have my Snowman tree which has been my holiday decoration for over twenty years. Now I simply need to find a Christmas music station to play in the house and everything will be all set.

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