Friday, November 25, 2016

The day after - the actual day - we successfully hosted the turkey, the stuffing, the pumpkins pie, and the cornbread. 'Tives from Long Island and 'Tives from Syracuse conjoined in Stratford to eat clams, pop open a few bottles of wine, eat green bean casserole, and enjoy squash.

Highlight for me yesterday was the phone call with Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Dick in California. It was a Facetime call.

Milford: So how is ----?

Dick: Oh, he died. His mother died, too, and so did his little brother.

Milford: No, you don't say. How about ---- and ----?

Dick: Oh, she's dead, too. And ---- is in a nursing home with alzheimers. Ever since the stroke there's been a little problem with the heart. You know.

Milford:  And ---?

Dick: Now that's a really sad story. Yes, dead, too, but the allergic reaction to pineapple on they cruise in the Bahamas was a little rough.

Milford: You don't say...

It was a beautiful day. Too much food (that's the way it is supposed to be), but wonderful company. So awesome to host my cousin Mark anI till bed his girls - they're so self-sufficient and carry themselves with tremendous grace and etiquette. It will be awesome to see them grown up over the next few years...

as for us...and this...yesterday...I am so grateful to have a home to bring my family together, to unite my father and Uncle Milford together. to bring the Sue Crandalls to the same table, to fold Chitunga into a new ritual, and to see Glamis playing full-force with her cousin Wyatt.

The dining room went from feast fest to bedroom rather quickly. Girls retired first, followed my dogs, followed by mom, then the rest of us.

Ah, so wonderful to be with family.

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