Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Every Time I Get Surrounded By Negativity, I Jump Into The Need For Positivity. Sometimes This is Challenging

I tend not to jump into the bandwagon of daily affirmations and quotes to live by, because the comedian in me, tends to find loopholes in such mentality, cracking me up and finding the opposite  to preach. Maybe this is my way of staying on my toes and trying to keep two feet on the ground.

I am thinking back to back-to-school kicks-offs in Kentucky when motivational speakers were hired to do district PD to get everyone ready for the challenges ahead.

There were challenges. Many. The happy-go-lucky spirit, though, did little for when this Bambi encountered Godzilla as I tried to empty the ocean with the fork they gave me.

Still, I've always been one to stop and list positive accomplishments in times when everyone seems frazzled by the world being reported around them. That is why I appreciated the community support of many in-practice teachers, agencies, Bridgeport residents, and administrators who quickly brainstormed the incredible work that was going on in support of a district that too often gets in the news for all the negative reasons. In a matter of seconds, 20 individuals listed the following ways that organizations and universities are contributing positive energy into local K-12 schools. Listed by these collaborators were (and I will leave it as is, before heading into work for the day).
  • ·      Fairfield University College of Arts and Science Poetry For Peace tradition
  • ·      CT Mirror and Fairfield University Collaboration, MLK Essay Contest
  • ·      Fairfield’s GSEAP partnership with Cesar Batalla
  • ·      Fairfield University Athletics Partnership with CWP-Fairfield for Literacy4Life
  • ·      GSEAP Turnaround Partnership with Columbus K-8 School
  • ·      38 Bridgeport youth with a Fairfield University scholarship
  • ·      Bassick High School Senior Fridays at Fairfield University
  • ·      Cesar Batalla’s Jessica Baldizon and Bassick High School’s William King will present workshops at National Writing Project Annual Meeting and National Council of Teachers of English
  • ·      Tauck Family Foundation – Collaboration of Funders
  • ·      OCT 19: PSAT/SAT preparation – College Board Ready Assessment
  • ·      University of Bridgeport  – enrollment in UB’s graduate school, working with diverse populations (Reading and Educational Leadership)
  • ·      Sacred Heart University’s Horizons and summer enrichment program: 200 students from BPS and BCS for math, science, social/emotional, and physical education with the goal od increasing math/reading skills.
  • ·      Literacy Clinic at Sacred Heart University: tutoring, literacy consultants
  • ·      Classrooms without Walls at Sacred Heart University: 4th and 5th graders from Madison Elementary and Trumbull to build skills and positive social interactions.
  • ·      TSTT – Tech Conference at Sacred Heart University 11/3/16 Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Teachers Tech Conference
  • ·      University of Bridgeport’s STEAM Project – Dr. Nancy DeJarnette received grant from CT Space Grant Consortium to train Pk-8 teachers in building STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts and math) (in collaboration with Discovery Museum)
  • ·      University of Bridgeport Mentors in Roosevelt School 
  • ·      University of Bridgeport Weekend workshops for science teachers
  • ·      GEAR UP SAT Prep Classes on Saturdays (60 students) – hosted at University of Bridgeport
  • ·      GEAR UP College Boot Camps: Common App, FAFSA, Essays
  • ·      GEAR UP parent/student out of state college tour in Western Massachusetts
  • ·      Parent Leadership Training Institute
  • ·      RULER: Parent training, district success, community trainings
  • ·      Apple Schools
  • ·      Turnaround Arts
  • ·      Restorative Practice workshops
  • ·      OSS Pilot
  • ·      Claytor Academy
  • ·      Bridgeport Public Education Fund: MAACS College Grads and Alumni Group
  • ·      Bassick/St. Vincents College Collaboration
  • ·      HCC/Manufacturing Partnerships
  • ·      1st Day BPEF Books to all 1st Grade students.
  • ·      BPEF Inspiration Awards and Teacher Recognition
  • ·      Daniel Trust Foundation’s Youth Council
  • ·      Fairchild Wheeler Engineering collaboration
  • ·      BHEA’s coordination of Student Service Resources for District through coordinating directory.
  • ·      Housatonic Tutoring Program
  • ·      United Way’s Youth Summit: 300 volunteers, 1,800 youth, 85 committee members – Port of Opportunity

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