Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bring on the Holiday Season, No Matter How You Decorate For the Festivities.

I love that in Atlanta, the trees are not strung with lights on the outside of the foliage, but that the lights are decorated on the inside of the trees, along the bark, so the greenery is highlighted to capture the dazzle of the holiday season.

All throughout the city of Atlanta, the holiday lights are strung in such a way that all the trees POP with holiday festivity.

My teachers and I did two more presentations for NCTE and after our conversations, we were able to walk the streets of Atlanta to see the spectacle that is a southern Christmas, including the special way the white lights are strung in the trees.

We have one more day of celebration of English teachers across the United States and I have to say that the hospitality of the city has been extraordinary. This is a booming American city and I am returning to Connecticut with a sense of joy that was provided over the past week.

I am also thinking that we may have been stringing our Christmas lights in all the wrong ways (outside the trees, rather than along the bark). Regardless, I am thrilled to be kicking off the next few months (as frigid as they may be) with a newfound innovation that lights are meant to dazzle, and we should be strategic with how we place them.

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