Friday, November 4, 2016

Education, Community, Culture, Support, and Vocabulary - a Digital Project with a Special Partnership

It's not always easy to run a service learning course after school, because transportation and the arrangement of kids is a little rough. We've been successful, but Mr. King, an ESL teacher in Bridgeport, and I have had to think of other ways my students at Fairfield could be of language use to his beginning English learners who are just arriving. We decided on a 'Big Word' project that would introduce one THICK work for his students to learn, but also an introduction of students in college: their educational history, cultures, communities, and philosophies.
Yesterday, my students presented their mini-digital projects that can be sent to their partners in Mr. King's classroom. They've met face to face, and now they can meet electronically, where Mr. King can show a video a day and teach the English they are hearing and the Big Word being presented.

My students hope, however, that Mr. King will find the way to have his students create brief videos of their favorite word in their own language. We used Adobe Spark, online, and it took only a short while to put together a video story. We modeled the work from Pechakuchas, 20 slides and 20 seconds of talk per slide --- sort of like TedX haiku.

I'm excited to see what comes next. 

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