Thursday, January 14, 2016

You Know You've Returned To Mount Pleasant When The First Thing to Captivate Your Attention Is...

...the chewing of a second football.

We're three for three.

Glamis destroyed Tunga's football, then my finger was broken by another football, and finally, Glamis welcomed me home with another present --- a chewed football.

I'm blaming this on Chitunga's passion, not mine. She leaves the basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs alone.

Also used to punish my week away, the choice to begin taking stuffing out of the comforter in her crate and more knots chewed off my much-appreciated, and beautiful gnome blanket crafted for me by my little sister.

I can't get mad, though. I'm just thankful to return and to finally see Chitunga and to be in our home as we settle on next steps after an unexpected obstacle on Sunday - again, I'm so thankful he's okay.

I'd expect the dog to be super excited to see me, but she held the head of shame, knowing she played with items that aren't marked as acceptable. She's in the fetal position of chagrin and reflection, while I'm writing before Chitunga returns from work.

He is my top priority. Everything else is sweeping dust from the floor. It was a beautiful week in Texas where much was accomplished, but as I've noted on this platform and elsewhere, there are much larger worries in the world and we have to count our blessings when we're presented with them. 

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