Saturday, January 9, 2016

Chiseling Away at A Friday To-Do List (aka, a pile) and Entering Saturday with Eyes on Austin, Texas

My floor mates at the University wonder how I can live with so much stuff in my office - many of them are minimalists and survive through clean desks, clear shelves, and only a few items to contend with.

I am that way, too. Sadly, the work of literacy doesn't necessarily translate into having enough time to get to everything that needs to be completed. Yesterday, however, I worked through an immense pile of to-do items that I've accrued over the semester and I'm happy to say I accomplish much of it. My goal was to be 97% done before I leave for Austin for the National Writing Project leadership retreat. I knew if I returned to kick off a new semester and all the piles were there to get through, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on teaching.

Items are now catalogued, filed, completed, and sent off. One by one I got to them over the last two days. Of course, working in my office means I left the house for crap. you can't have both.

Actually, because Pam's dog, Jake, ate the remote control at her house (I said, "Jeez. It's not that big of a deal. If you need to change the channel, just kick the dog") and had to go to the veterinarians, I took Mae to my house so she and Glamis could run around.

And they ran around.

And they ran around.

And they ran around.

Gleams is sleeping in this morning from all that running around. But now it's time for me to head West for a new experience...I'm always up for that.

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