Saturday, January 30, 2016

And With That, The Week Is Over and I Can Catch Up on Emails and Work on my Dossier

I'm used to keeping a fast-paced life, and I do best when I'm always on the go. Yet, there are weeks when I simply close my eyes and hope I make it to the end. 2016 has already been loaded with an overabundance of emotions and I haven't had time to process any of them yet. It's been the motif to "keep it all together" because right around the corner, there's even more to do.

I'm still in that mode, but the busiest part of that challenge was completed yesterday as CWP-Fairfield hosted the Youth Leadership Academy for 85 middle school youth and followed that with a celebration of Poetry for Peace for 135+ K-8 poets. This followed a week with two difficult services for the loss of important lives, the continued car-lessness after Chitunga's accident (we're almost there with a replacement), graduate and undergraduate courses, and the MLK Vision Award.

Oh, and Glamis now knows it is a game to hop over the fence using snowbanks as an advantage. She stays by the fence on the other side, but she won't get on her leash because she knows she was wrong. This becomes a game of chase...but it's not chase. She cowers and stays just out of reach of the leash. She doesn't respond to biscuits either.

And it's Saturday. I will be walking the dog and then heading to the office to work on my yearly dossier due to the department on Monday (this is the kind of work I hate more than anything in the world. I like doing...not writing about what I'm doing to be evaluated by others). On the radar, two more grants, Run For Refugees, and Literacy4Life Day with the Fairfield Stags basketball teams at Webster Arena.

I'm very happy that this week went as wonderfully as it did, but I'm not sure I enjoyed it as much as I could have --- I was too busy holding my breath.

And they're off. It's been the Running of the Roses since this semester began, but it has been nowhere near a two-minute race.

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