Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And On This Tuesday Morning I'm Still Holding My Breath Because It All Begins Again Today. Time To Jump In

This was me during the last 60 seconds of the Syracuse / Duke came played last night, when Syracuse got the "W" on their home court after a close, close game. Boeheim and the Orange have had a rough year due to NCAA sanctions, and it's great to see they got their groove on while on the road.

The real reason I'm holding my breath, however, is because today begins a new semester. I am scheduled on campus from 9 am - 6:30 pm only to repeat it on Wednesday. It's the time of year where all the syllabi ducks need to be set in a row, the digital spaces need to be arranged, the editing and close scrutiny of assignments need to be considered, and the reality that my life is secondary to career life must settle in. We'll get through this.

I'm also holding my breath for my mother's quick recovery, as when I talked to her last night in the hospital (shoulder surgery during tremendous lake effect snow), she was higher than a kite. She almost sound as inebriated as the night she was at my father's retirement party when she took too much cough medicine then drank a whole series of White Russians.

Finally, my breath is being held that State Farm sends a check to the office tomorrow so that Chitunga can go forth with getting another car so he, too, can move into a new semester of work, classes, studying, and Connecticut movement from here to there.

Man, maybe adult life is simply holding one's breath all the time.

Ah, but how about that Syracuse win? I'll take it! And here's to a winning semester, too!


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