Friday, January 15, 2016

I'm Done With The Threes...Let Them Leave Us Alone. It's Time For Them To Move On. We're Done Now.

Yesterday I wrote about the string of football incidences...Glamis eats Chitunga's, Chitunga breaks Bryan's finger with one, and Glamis eats another of Chitunga's.

Here's the 2nd set. Before I left for Austin, I packed the car, started it, then remembered I forgot something and went back inside with my keys, only to lock them in the house. I have a hybrid that starts when the key remote is near, so I don't need to take them out of the ignition. I was trapped. I had to catch a flight and thought, "Maybe I can get through a window." Lucky for me, there was one I could open on the side of the house and I could get into the garage to get a ladder. This was, however, after I called Pam and Patrick to see if they would rush me the key I loaned them because they were resting in my house while theirs was being shown later in the day. They were already on the way when I found a way in, and I once I got my keys I took off.

Then the accident. I'm still thankful. It could of been so much worse.

Finally, last night. I was in my office later than I wanted to be and when I got home at six, I quickly rushed out for a run and, UGH, locked my keys in the house once again. I actually grabbed them and rather than put them in my pocket, I hung them on the hook by the door. Now, the window that was open, I made sure was locked so no one could break in. The only window that could be opened was the one over the kitchen sink but it only opens part way. I got my head through, but it stopped me at my shoulders. I paced. I cursed. I didn't have my phone. And then I used ingenuity.

I remembered the lady who walks the fuzzy dog who has two sons in late elementary and early middle school. I knew where she lived and I went to the house and asked if I could borrow her kids. She said, "Okay," but I said I wanted her to come, too. The world's too dangerous. "And bring your fuzzy dog.

Glamis and the fuzzy dog played, while both boys did their Spiderman impressions so they could get in and unlock the door. Hola! I had my keys. Phew. They will be getting a special treat sometime on Friday. Promise.

And what did I do? I went for my run. I thought, "football, football, football, keys, accident, keys, Powerball loss, Powerball loss, Powerball loss." I'm done. The rule of 3s can take time off now. I'm ready for a period of luck.

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