Sunday, January 3, 2016

Coupons, Gift Cards, Mr. Frugality, and a Day of Obsessed Pursuits For Flag Poles. Captivated by the Bargain

My morning yesterday began with a list of things I wanted to accomplish for the semester, but I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate on those priorities, until I completed my 2015 goals which included a new pair of running kicks and the purchase of new flag poles to pace the semester through football, basketball and my teams.

Tunga gave me a 2016 gift card to DSW and they sent me a $5 birthday card, so I thought I'd start there. I also had a $20 off card to the store but it expired in November. I brought it with me anyway, and I was somewhat surprised that the manager honored it. As a result, I strayed away from my loyalty to Saucony and scored a solid pair of Asics. I feel dope about the accomplishment.

I also did Christmas Tree Shop to get flagpoles for the Patriots, Cuse, and 'Ville banners given over the holidays for 332 Mt. Pleasant. They didn't have any, but an old lady stopped me while looking and told me I should try Michaels. They have 100s, she said. On my way, I stopped by AC Moore and they had one, but it was $19.99, so I took a chance to get to Michaels. They didn't have any. I decided to take a deep breath and attempt to find some at Walmart, but I had no luck. Then suddenly I found the display back in the yarn and threads. They, too, were $19.99, and they all had American flags, but two. There were exactly two without a flag, but also no SKUs or ways to purchase them. I tried my luck and brought them to customer service and said I'd give them $5 a piece to take them off their hands. The manager said, "I'll give you them for $2 a piece."

But the register wouldn't allow it. The regional manager was in the store and he stepped in. He did something, and somehow I got them for $3.50 a piece. Score. The result? We now have poles for Syracuse, Louisville, and New England. I also picked up holders so now when our teams are in action, everyone in Stratford will know who we are cheering for.

The winds were smacking, however, so I didn't leave the flags out for long. I also didn't get a run in, because I felt bad that I lost the morning to shopping over writing.

Anyone who knows me recognizes that I'm obnoxiously frugal. I understand the retail market - learned to wait for the best sales while working in a department store - and accept the fact that I spend too much time "getting a deal" rather than simply paying top price just to ease my mind.

Ah, but on the 3rd day of a new year, I'm feeling good that I still got it! Big day today: Patriots and Ville play (after a pathetic Orangemen showing in Miami yesterday).


  1. Amazing! (?) My wife and I used the same expired November $20 coupon yesterday. We got a stern lecture about how they were going to be more strict about expired coupons in the future. I'm glad it's not yet the future!

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