Friday, January 8, 2016

For Liverpool: Representing without Representing by Making a "Berry" Special Teacher a Motivational Video

In preparation for 2016, I've arranged a group of teachers who have worked with me on 10-minute plays in three states and I asked them if they'd like to think about presenting together in Atlanta, Georgia this year. One, Rhiannon, replied, "Yes, but I want you to call in to my students. We're just starting the 10-minute play curriculum." She also said, if you can't SKYPE in, can you make me a video.

Ah, the challenge to procrastinate in my office on a Thursday morning. That's what I did. I made a video.

I could easily spend the rest of my life procrastinating in such fashion (I could watch Ms. Berry's prom dancing, too).

Okay, it's Friday. I leave for Texas tomorrow for a leadership retreat (nominated by the National Writing Project). So, today, it is an office day of getting on my semester game.

To pack a puppet or not pack a puppet...that is the question.

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