Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome To Captivated Crandall - The Theme for 2016 and the Continuation of a 9-Year Tradition

It's day one of a new year and I'm hoping to be bewitched, dazzled, charmed, enraptured, gratified, and spellbound each and every day. 2015 was a year of multiple changes - all for the better - and I leave it with gratitude and appreciation. I've noted it several times before, "I'm a lucky Son of a Butch." I am thankful to have the opportunities that I do.

Tomorrow, I'll get rolling with the New Year's blog, but keeping with the tradition, I'll simply kick of January 1st with a montage of images from 2015. That is the way of Janus - God of reflection who is always keeping an eye on what was and what is still to be. Every December I think, "Well, Crandall, I think it's time to hang up the blogging hat," but then I remember that I've written daily since 1992 (as a 19-year old). I might as well keep my hobby rolling.

Here's to all still to be written!

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