Sunday, January 24, 2016

Well, Jonas. You Achieved Your Goal. You Kept Us Indoors All Day (Sort Of). Nice Punch

On Friday night when I went to sleep, they were calling for 5-8 inches. When I awoke, it just began to snow and it was upgraded to 12-16 inches. I'm not sure if a foot of snow fell, but I do know I plowed twice and I will need to do it again in the morning.

Glamis and I began the day with a good walk as it first began to fall (nothing like a brown dog doodie to break the blanket of ivory, pristine utopia). Chitunga also decided to take his rental back and they were closing by 1 so we got there only to learn they decided to shut down even earlier. It's okay, though. They left a box for us to leave the keys.

The rest of my day was spent working on grants (that I promised myself I would complete). I came close, but didn't achieve as much as I wanted to. There's today, but I need to dedicate much of it to accomplishing tasks for the work week.

The kid and I did bond over a movie, Sicario, about a FBI/CIA/S.American drug cartel, but my brain was too fried to comprehend all the text's complexities. It was a good film, though, and a nice break from having technology and a keyboard in my lap.

Ah, and the Cards one - I listened to that game. Syracuse, if they can actually fly into Virginia, will play sometime today.

I like a good snow storm - it's great to see everything paralyzed for a day and the world sitting still. The only other day of the year like this is Christmas, when no one is about and moving, because nothing is opened. I wonder if our society will ever go back to a Sunday-day-of-rest motif. That would be nice, because we all can use peace together.

Alright, but I need to blog less today and plan more, so I'm off. Funny it's Sunday. I've got a lot of work to do.

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