Sunday, January 10, 2016

I Made It to Austin, But I Haven't a Clue Where I Am - Somewhere in the Trees and In a Hipster Resort, I Believe

I don't mind being pampered every once in a while. The good treatment makes me feel guilty and, with my guilt, I will return to the communities I work with to spread the love and wealth onto others. I knew when I was picked up at the airport that I was in for a special treat in Texas. I actually entered my first gated community, too.

I'm at Travaasa Resort and rumor has it there's a heated pool here somewhere, although I didn't bring swim trunks. I did bring my running shoes, though, and there looks to be multiple trails for dirtying up the new Asics.

I was in the air for over 5 hours and, lucky of me, I had three unplayed podcasts from 2015 so I was able to tick away at time through hour-long segments. Flight one - great seat, much room. Flight two - not so much, but the 8 foot tall man next to me had it really hard. His head hit the overhead and his knees were totally above the food tray.

I digress. I got to my room around 11 last night and I'm taking this morning to work on syllabi and to explore the grounds. Because I came from the east coast, there weren't flights to make it in time tomorrow (that is, if I departed on Sunday). So I came a day early and the meeting doesn't begin until 5 - that means I score a day to totally unwind.

But I have to say, when a card is left on the bed that claims,
We happen to think that wrinkles are wonderful - on elephants and people alike - a certain sign of wisdom. The same is true of our Travaasa bedding. It's natural, free of processed chemicals and dyes, and supremely comfortable. And no ironing saves lots of energy. We hope you agree...a wise choice,
I can only laugh. This is the Whole Foods of the hotel industry. Up the prices, cater to a breed of people who can afford to fly across the nation for a retreat - let's see, save on ironing, but pollute the air on jets and with bottled water - then tell them to do Yoga. It fascinates me.

I am thankful, though. This is beautiful, but I'm such an episode of Roseanne....maybe Earl. Just give me a motel and a nearby bar to get a burger. I don't care if it is fed on organic kiwi beans and veggie waffles. It makes me feel like I'm in the Capitol...a little closer to President Snow than I want to be.

And with that, I begin my day.

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